Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cold Weather Ices Over Installations

This winter has been cold. Bone-chilling cold. Arctic winds have blanketed our area for some time now. They have drastically reduced surface water temperatures to the point where small bays, creeks, and ditches are frozen over. These cold temperatures have also delayed any osprey platform work (repairs and installations) until March unless temperatures rise for an extended period of time.

I have three platforms that are built and need to be installed. One in Lavallette, Little Egg Harbor, and Fortescue.

Several more platforms need repairs. Two need repairs on the Mullica River. One in Somers Point, and a few more.

Currently plans are being made to construct several more (six) osprey platforms in early February (weather permitting) at my house in New Gretna. If you are interested in helping out with repairs or installations, please let me know.


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Greg Molyneux said...

Definitely interested in building some new platforms. That was a lot of fun last year.