Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Save the Date!!!!

What: Help transport and install 10 + platforms in Great Bay Blvd. WMA
When: January 16th, 17th and possibly the 18th, 2009.
Where: New Gretna to Seven Bridges Road.

Details: This event is weather permitting! If the forecast calls for any precipitation or gale force winds then we will be forced to delay this event. Please dress accordingly. The weather on the saltmarsh in winter is usually not very forgiving. There is almost always a breeze, which equates to wind chill. All skin that is exposed will be cold, no matter what. Knee boots, hip or chest waders are required!! (I have an extra pair, size 11, if anyone needs to borrow some). I'll be creating an event on Facebook for this install. I will post a link on here when I create it.

Day1- I will need 1-2 volunteers to help me load
the platforms onto a trailer to transport to the boat
ramp on Seven Bridges Rd.

Day 2- 3-4 volunteers to possibly man two boats to
transport the platforms to where they will be

Day 3- up to 10 volunteers, 5/boat to help install
the platforms and document the event.
(note: I will be inviting a photographer and writer from the local media to join us, at least for the installation of one platform)

Tide Chart for January 17th, 2009.


Greg M said...

The bottom picture, the one where you guys are hoisting the platform, looks like a reenactment of the flag raising at Iwo Jima.

Ben said...

That's how a lot of people describe how to install them.

Greg M said...

Well I'm glad I am unoriginal...