Friday, December 26, 2008

The Lighthouse Center install

On December 23rd I installed a platform with some of the great volunteers that this project has at the Lighthouse Center in Waretown. The install went without a hitch besides not being able to start the boat motor at the ramp in Barnegat. The tide was unusually low in the morning, it was supposed to be high tide, but b/c of the prevailing NW winds with 50mph gusts on Monday it caused a blow out tide. So, we ditched the boat and went with Plan B, walk the platform around 50 yards onto the saltmarsh (should've been Plan A if I knew we were able to do that, so lesson learned...). Otherwise the install went great! I'm working on editing down the raw video I took for another example of how platforms are installed.

Thanks for the help with the install and awesome donations towards the project!!!

Happy New Year!

Alan White, Ben W.(author), McDuffy Barrow, Pola Galie, Jeff Ruemeli, Pat Filardi, and Curt Watts (from left to right).

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