Friday, November 14, 2008

Facebook pledge update

So for those of you who didn't see my previous post about a pledge I started on Facebook to raise $100.00 to build an osprey platform, I only need $15.00 more to complete my pledge(in 15 days)! The platform will be located in an area that is very important to the population by strengthening the population and will eventually lead to the full recovery of the species in NJ. The area is the Great and Little Egg Harbor Bays, one of the most pristine watersheds along the whole eastern coast of the US. Already every suitable platform that could be used by ospreys to nest on is being used, even an old houseboat that is turned over on it's side in Great Bay Blvd. Wildlife Management Area. With this small colony of about 15-20 nesting pairs, we could build it to reach 30 in the next 2-3 years, maybe even more with the high productivity rates that have been observed over the last 5 years. So I'd like to personally thank all who donated to my pledge, THANK YOU!!! Without your strong support of the Osprey Project, then we would be forced rely on government grants and other limiting factors that can delay the process of helping a threatened species recover to historic numbers!

An uphappy 6 week old osprey chick in Wildwood, NJ, 2006.

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