Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jersey City Osprey Banding

A large "man-lift" rolls me towards the osprey platform
at PSE&G Hudson Generating Station in Jersey City.

On July 6th, Margaret O'Gorman and I visited the PSE&G Hudson Generating Station in Jersey City to band the osprey young that were produced at an artificial nesting platform. We met with PSE&G staff to gain access to the nest platform where I banded three young that were produced. The young all looked well fed and healthy, which is good. I am surprised to see three young produced near such an urban area. It is a sign that the water quality in the area must have good clarity and quality to support a pair of ospreys. PSE&G staff take much care in protecting the osprey nest from disturbance, which could cause the birds to abandon the site if it would occur on a constant basis. Thanks to PSE&G staff for hosting us and Hackensack Riverkeeper for the news on when the young hatched.

The nest and power plant in the background.

Three young were produced at this nest. Excellent results!

The adult female returns to protect her young.

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