Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unexpected Outcome!

New B. Bay platform gets instant use

Usually I use April 1st as a cut-off date for getting new structures installed. This was not the case with this particular platform. After several delays (mainly because of weather) we finally got it up on April 20th. John Faus donated to have the platform placed near his summer home off Harvey Cedars inside Forsythe NWR. The platform was made from 100% salvaged wood.

John Faus and the 100% salvaged wood platform on B. Bay. © Ben Wurst

John sent me some photos today that confirms that the nest is occupied and that the pair is incubating a clutch of eggs. I did not think this platform would become occupied this late in the season, especially since there are other unoccupied platforms up on B. Bay. Maybe the birds prefer platforms to be made from salvaged materials or maybe they can sense that this platform/wood was used before by other ospreys in its past life...

A female osprey sits on eggs. Photo courtesy Steve Wright.


spankingforwomen said...

That is a great nest. Thanks, John.

I would love to seeit somtime this summer!

Bill Clausen

Anonymous said...

So cool!