Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo from the Field

I had the pleasure of receiving this photo from Joe Orlando shortly after we installed this platform on August 13th. Joe donated to have this platform placed near his house in Ocean City. His donation goes far beyond this single platform. It will be used to repair and replace other platforms to support our goals of helping the state population recover to historic levels (pre-DDT). A few days after we installed the platform Joe sent me this photo. I was happy to see a pair of adults that were already starting to place some nesting material in the platform before they fly south to their wintering areas. This is a good sign that this pair might return to nest on this platform next year! 

Thanks for the donation and the photo Joe!

A pair of ospreys instantly take to a new platform installed on August 13th in Ocean City. Photo by Joe Orlando.


Anonymous said...

So gratifying to see the fruits of your labor!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the help Alf!