Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Platform Construction, Take II

This Saturday, volunteers will gather to help construct several osprey platforms to be installed at Fort Monmouth within the next month. Heavy snow delayed the construction and installation for this project in early February. Warmer temperatures and rain helped melt most of the snow, making construction possible again.

Other work continues as far as installations are concerned. Three platforms are going to be installed along the Atlantic Coast and Delaware Bay. Repairs are also being planned for a few nest platforms along the Atlantic Coast. Stay tuned for photos from these installations. We hope to film more parts for the second installment in our Osprey Platform construction and installation video series!

Work is also being done to update the state's database of all osprey nest structures in NJ. There are over 700 nest platforms that are mapped and tracked from year to year.

Ospreys start arriving back to their breeding grounds soon! Keep an eye on those skies!  


Greg Molyneux said...

Hey Ben. I hate to rain (snow?) on this parade, BUT it is looking like we are going to get BOMBED again Friday.

Ben said...

LOL. I think I may still try and work on them. This is something that I can't put off for much longer... Same with installations...

I'm making room in my garage to work inside there.