Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Osprey Project Newsletter

Ben Wurst checks a nest at Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area
in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Photo by Bill Steiner.

Today the 2009 Osprey Project newsletter was released to volunteers, cooperators, and the general public. The newsletter summarizes all the results from the breeding season. The results indicate how healthy the state population is and breaks down the production for each colony along the Atlantic coast and Delaware Bay. It also highlights the aerial survey that was completed this year, which helped identify more than 50 new nests this year. In all 485 pairs nested in New Jersey in 2009, a post-DDT milestone. To read more, click on the link below.

 2009 Osprey Project Newsletter

In other news, many ospreys are at their wintering grounds in northern South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.  Some ospreys are still migrating or have yet to fly south yet, but they will be doing so soon. I look forward to installing platforms in the coming weeks. I recently got a shipment of lumber to construct some platforms for installation at Fort Monmouth in Monmouth County. The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ was awarded a contract to construct and install 6 nesting platforms inside the fort. Stay tuned for progress on this project!

Thank you all for the support!

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