Sunday, June 28, 2009

June Platform Install

On June 20, I helped Connor Biggs, a Boy Scout, by sponsoring his Eagle Scout Project where he placed four artificial nest platforms for ospreys near Mantaloking, New Jersey. As a part of the sponsorship I mainly provided guidance on how to build and install the platforms. I also mapped several locations where there was "suitable habitat" for ospreys to nest in the area. Suitable habitat for ospreys is basically any open area that is near water and food; so many coastal areas can have great habitat for ospreys to nest on artificial structures. Northern Barnegat Bay is an important area because it is the largest and most undeveloped northern estuarine area until you reach Sandy Hook along the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey. This has been an area of interest for me. In this area some ospreys are forced to nest on structures that are not exactly suitable. A couple years ago a pair tried nesting on a house in Lavalette. Luckily we were notified early enough in the nesting season and were able to place a platform near "suitable habitat" west of Chadwick Island. The pair was successful that year and is nesting there again this year.
We finished the installation in approximately four hours, which included me shuttling helpers to and from the marsh. If you know anyone who is looking for an Eagle Scout project you can have them contact me. I'd be happy to sponsor other scouts looking for conservation projects in New Jersey.
Jon Rosky looks on as the platform is leveled

Josh Mayo, John Roberts Jr, John Clayton, Jon Rosky, Jimmy Plaganis,
Connor Biggs, Ben Wurst, Kurdy Biggs, Bob Ward, Kiernin Biggs, John Biggs, Loyd Rogers, Austin Rogers
and John Roberts

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