Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Searching for New Nests and Running the Numbers

As you may know, this year the Endangered and Nongame Species Program, conducted a (nearly) state-wide osprey survey to determine how many nests are occupied. The survey ended last week. It only covered areas along the Atlantic Coast from the Manasquan River south to Cape May (Sedge Islands WMA was not surveyed by air). It is important that we collect data from all active nests. Many nests we don't know about, simply because there are over 700 available nesting platforms in the state!! This week I am entering the aerial survey data and gathering data from a few ground surveys that also took place along the Maurice River and in Sedge Islands WMA. This is where I need your help. For all other areas that were not covered by the aerial survey we would like to know if there are any new nests and their location. If you know about a new nest please mark it in Google Maps and e-mail me a link to the location. [To mark a location on the map, simply right click on the location, then select “Link.” Copy the text and send it to me]. My e-mail can be found on or you can send me the location by commenting through this blog.
The areas where coverage is lacking include:
  • Watersheds north of the Manasquan River (Manasquan reservoir, Shark River, Shrewsbury, Navesink, Raritan Bay and River, Sandy Hook)
  • Areas along the Delaware Bayshore and River, from Cape May to Trenton (not including the Maurice River).
If you plan on surveying the area (or nests) when young are to be banded or visible, it is not crucial to survey now. If you usually report on nests where the young are not banded you could simply wait until late June/early July to record the # of young that are produced. However, if you have information on which specific nests are occupied, please let me know. It will help me determine how many nests are currently occupied in the state and will also help us more accurately determine how many nests fail to produce young, or more accurately calculate the overall state-wide average productivity rate. Thank you very much for your support and commitment to the project. Don't forget to take my poll!!!!

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