Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping an eye out

As mid-March approaches, so does the Osprey. Usually along the Maurice River the first ospreys are seen pretty early in the month, but I have not heard of on being seen yet. Usually along the Atlantic Coast, most arrive mid to late March. I usually always see the first one driving to or from work along the G.S.P. from exit 50 to exit 25.

Otherwise, I've been busy working on various projects, especially the Peregrine Project, where I've been installing new "prototype" predator guards to replace the very old ones. The old ones always required annual maintenance; now there will be very little maint. to do. Click here for a link to Conserve Wildlife Foundation's blog where I posted a story and links to pictures.

Platform installed on Manhassett Creek, Monmouth Beach on Sunday.

I've also been busy installing, repairing, and in some cases moving platforms before ospreys arrive. Over the last two days I've installed one Monmouth Beach for a pair of ospreys that tried to nest on a power pole last year and we finally got permission to place a platform on private property, so I jumped on the opportunity. It'll be interesting to see if the pair returns and if they will use the platform.

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This week I'll be transporting and installing 10 osprey platforms inside Great Bay Blvd. WMA. Stay tuned for photos from this project!

Keep you eyes open and you might see one of the first ospreys to return to New Jersey for the breeding season!

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Anonymous said...

Saw the pair this last Sat. so your efforts have been successful. Any plans for installing a WebCam?