Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Running the numbers

In the past five years I've built, installed, and repaired a bunch of osprey platforms, from Lavalette to Alloways Creek in Salem County. Since 2006 all the platforms have been paid for by private funding through either mitigation or by donations (Thank you to all the people who have donated money to the project and who volunteered to help me install them -Thanks!-).

Over the years I've added my own "personal" tweaks in the design to create a strong and safe structure for ospreys to nest on for decades. The platform also needs to be accessible for future monitoring, which means it must be within reach of an extension ladder and that it can support the weight of the bander. I've also been collecting a lot of salvaged lumber that I've found while out on the saltmarsh (for now it's a stockpile at home and at the office). Soon I'm planning on building one completely out of salvaged lumber! So as time goes on the osprey platform will evolve along with humans and ospreys to better fit a changing world.

50 platforms total!

How many will be installed in 2009? (Hint: 14 platforms have already been built)
Take a guess in my poll!

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