Friday, September 26, 2008

Winter Project - HELP WANTED!!

Hey, Above you'll find a map of the Great Bay Blvd. Wildlife Management Area (WMA). This winter, with funding from AmerGen, we (CWF and volunteers, if you want to help out, let me know; we'll be building them at my house in New Gretna) plan to build and erect a total of 10 platforms here to support the growing population (blue points are proposed locations, white are existing nest locations). This year while doing the ground survey to determine the productivity (# young produced/nest) I noticed that all available platforms were occupied. Earlier this year, in April I noticed a pair trying to build on the telephone pole after the last bridge on the right (you can't miss it, see pic below); however, they weren't successful this year b/c of disturbance. I could tell that people were accessing the mrsh by walking right underneath the nest..... So I tried to alveiate the problem by posting the area with endangered species signs, but the pair failed to build a nest and raise young. Next year the pair will have more choices for where they plan to nest and raise young. Another pair nested on a houseboat which is turned on it's side; they raised 3 young.

Posting to deter disturbance.

Adult on nest in early April.

If you'd like to help me with construction and installation of the platforms this winter, let me know. 609.628.2103 or



Greg M said...

Ben, how many people do you need to help out with this?

Ben said...

Several. 10 at the most. Want to help?

Greg M said...

Hell yeah! This would be awesome.

Man Overboard said...

You can count me in. How many volunteers do you need? For the 10 nests? When?

Jeff Ruemeli said...

I would like to help. I just need 2 weeks heads up.

Greg Rineberg said...

Count me in...sounds cool.