Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another record year!

Banding 1 of 3 chicks at Cheesequake State Park with
donors from the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ
and NJ Parks and Forestry staff.

8/12/08 - Well, it's been another great year for ospreys here in NJ. So far most of our volunteer surveyors/banders have submitted their data and the numbers are looking good; however, we are still waiting for data on a couple important areas. So far all numbers are up; including, # of young produced, # of active nests, # banded, and overall productivity. I myself banded a record 158 young this year, from Cheesequake State Park to Cape May Harbor.
Even though the banding season is over, now is the time for data entry and analysis. I've also been busy mapping new nests and areas where platforms need repair or replacement this winter.

Stay tuned for full results within the next few weeks.


Banding young on a abandoned houseboat on Great Bay Blvd.

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